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Code Fly Pattern Size Qty (in Dozens)
765 Pass Lake Special Pass Lake Special
769 Marabou White Marabou White
773 Matuka Olive Matuka Olive
777 Royal Coachman Streamer Royal Coachman Streamer
781 Wooly Bugger Olive Wooly Bugger Olive
785 Wooly Bugger White Wooly Bugger White
789 Estaz Bug Estaz Bug
813 Matuka Sculpin Brown Matuka Sculpin Brown
817 Zonker Olive Zonker Olive
86 Crystal Bugger Olive - Beadhead Crystal Bugger Olive - Beadhead
753 Crystal Bugger Olive Crystal Bugger Olive
757 Egg Sucking Leech Hot Purple Egg Sucking Leech Hot Purple
761 Leech Black Leech Black
766 Marabou Leech Olive Marabou Leech Olive
770 Matuka Black Matuka Black
774 Mickey Finn Mickey Finn
778 Silver Darter Epoxy Fly Silver Darter Epoxy Fly
782 Wooly Bugger Black/Olive Wooly Bugger Black/Olive
786 Rainbow Trout Epoxy Fly Rainbow Trout Epoxy Fly
810 Egg Sperm Marabou Egg Sperm Marabou
814 Matuka Sculpin Olive Matuka Sculpin Olive
818 Zonker White/Pearl Zonker White/Pearl
750 Black Nose Dace Black Nose Dace
754 Crystal Bugger Black Crystal Bugger Black
758 Grey Ghost Grey Ghost
762 Leech Olive Leech Olive
767 Marabou Leech Black Marabou Leech Black
771 Matuka Olive Grizzly Matuka Olive Grizzly
775 Spruce Light Spruce Light
779 Wooly Bugger Brown Wooly Bugger Brown
783 Shad Epoxy Fly Shad Epoxy Fly
787 Brown Trout Epoxy Fly Brown Trout Epoxy Fly
811 Bow River Bugger Olive Body Bow River Bugger Olive Body
815 Zonker Black Zonker Black
819 Zonker Brown Zonker Brown
751 Brook King Brook King
755 Dark Spruce Dark Spruce
759 Ghost Black Ghost Black
763 Little Brook Trout Little Brook Trout
768 Marabou Leech Brown Marabou Leech Brown
772 Matuka Spruce Matuka Spruce
776 Spruce Yellow Marabou Spruce Yellow Marabou
780 Wooly Bugger Black Wooly Bugger Black
784 Wooly Bugger Purple Wooly Bugger Purple
788 Hornberg Hornberg
812 Matuka Sculpin Black Matuka Sculpin Black
816 Zonker Natural/Pearl Zonker Natural/Pearl
85 Crystal Bugger Black - Beadhead Crystal Bugger Black - Beadhead
752 Black Marabou Black Marabou
756 Egg Sucking Leech Black Egg Sucking Leech Black
760 Golden Shiner Golden Shiner
764 Little Brown Trout Little Brown Trout
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