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Code Fly Pattern Size Qty (in Dozens)
640 Bait Fish Fly Chart/Pearl Bait Fish Fly Chart/Pearl
644 Deceiver Blue/White Deceiver Blue/White
648 Tarpon Orange/Blue Tarpon Orange/Blue
641 Lefty's Deceiver Blue/White Lefty's Deceiver Blue/White
645 Sea-Ducer White/Red Sea-Ducer White/Red
649 Tarpon Red/Grizzly Tarpon Red/Grizzly
642 Deceiver Red/White Deceiver Red/White
646 Sea-Ducer Yellow/Red Sea-Ducer Yellow/Red
1002 Custom Tie - Salt Salmon Custom Tie - Salt Salmon
643 Deceiver White/Green Deceiver White/Green
647 Tarpon Blue Grizzly Tarpon Blue Grizzly
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