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Code Fly Pattern Size Qty (in Dozens)
791 Muddler Gold Muddler Gold
800 Marabou Black Muddler Marabou Black Muddler
804 Marabou Yellow Muddler Marabou Yellow Muddler
792 Muddler Silver Muddler Silver
801 Marabou Brown Muddler Marabou Brown Muddler
793 Muddler Orange Muddler Orange
802 Marabou Olive Muddler Marabou Olive Muddler
790 All Black Muddler All Black Muddler
794 Muddler Polar Muddler Polar
803 Marabou White Muddler Marabou White Muddler
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Our professionally designed and tied flies won
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at the 2011, 2012 & 2013 International Fly & Tackle Dealer show.