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Code Fly Pattern Size Qty (in Dozens)
226 Hairwing Dun Adams Hairwing Dun Adams
222 Elkwing Caddis Olive Elkwing Caddis Olive
931 Para Caddis Tan Para Caddis Tan
119 Sparkle Caddis Tan Sparkle Caddis Tan
73 EZ Caddis Tan EZ Caddis Tan
907 Elk Caddis Royal Elk Caddis Royal
230 Slow Water Caddis Brown Slow Water Caddis Brown
229 Slow Water Caddis Slow Water Caddis
225 Elk Hares Hopper Elk Hares Hopper
221 Elkwing Caddis Grey Elkwing Caddis Grey
912 Goddard Caddis Natural Goddard Caddis Natural
66 Elkwing Caddis Black Elkwing Caddis Black
909 Hot Butt Caddis Hot Butt Caddis
228 Peacock Caddis Peacock Caddis
224 Elkwing Caddis Yellow Elkwing Caddis Yellow
220 Elkwing Caddis Brown Elkwing Caddis Brown
174 Tentwing Caddis - Parachute Tentwing Caddis - Parachute
67 Elkwing Caddis Peacock Elkwing Caddis Peacock
10012 Caddis Variant Dark Caddis Variant Dark
917 Caddis Yellow Sally Caddis Yellow Sally
227 Hemmingway Caddis Hemmingway Caddis
223 Elkwing Caddis Tan Elkwing Caddis Tan
930 Para Caddis Olive Para Caddis Olive
118 Sparkle Caddis Olive Sparkle Caddis Olive
72 EZ Caddis Olive EZ Caddis Olive
13 Caddis Variant Ginger Caddis Variant Ginger
232 King's River Caddis King's River Caddis
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