Dry Flies

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Code Fly Pattern Size Qty (in Dozens)
946 Grey Wulff Mayfly Grey Wulff Mayfly
28 Iron Blue Dun Iron Blue Dun
1001 Custom Tie Fresh Custom Tie Fresh
32 Pale Morning Dun Pale Morning Dun
66 Elkwing Caddis Black Elkwing Caddis Black
36 Red Ibis Red Ibis
40 Sulpher Dun Sulpher Dun
900 Ausable Wulff Ausable Wulff
906 Comp Dun Sulphur Comp Dun Sulphur
912 Goddard Caddis Natural Goddard Caddis Natural
10002 Adams Female Adams Female
916 Griffiths Gnat Griffiths Gnat
10006 Bivisible Brown Bivisible Brown
921 Midge Adams Midge Adams
10010 Blue Wing Olive Blue Wing Olive
925 Midge Cream Midge Cream
16 Dry Coachman Dry Coachman
929 Midge PMD Midge PMD
20 Drake Green Drake Green
941 White Wulff White Wulff
24 Grey Fox Grey Fox
25 Hendrickson Dark Hendrickson Dark
947 Green Drake Mayfly Green Drake Mayfly
29 King of Waters King of Waters
118 Sparkle Caddis Olive Sparkle Caddis Olive
33 Pale Evening Dun Pale Evening Dun
67 Elkwing Caddis Peacock Elkwing Caddis Peacock
37 Red Quill Red Quill
41 Stonefly Stonefly
903 Comp Dun Adams Comp Dun Adams
908 Griffith's Cream Griffith's Cream
913 Goddard Sedge Natural Goddard Sedge Natural
10003 Blue Dun Blue Dun
918 Mayfly Brown Mayfly Brown
10007 Black Gnat Black Gnat
922 Rio Grande King Rio Grande King
10011 Brown Hackle Peacock Brown Hackle Peacock
926 Red Ant Red Ant
17 Cowdung Cowdung
932 H&L Varient H&L Varient
21 GR Hares Ear GR Hares Ear
943 Sparkle Dun PMD Sparkle Dun PMD
944 Flyline Mayfly Flyline Mayfly
26 Hendrickson Light Hendrickson Light
948 Spent Mayfly Spent Mayfly
30 March Brown March Brown
119 Sparkle Caddis Tan Sparkle Caddis Tan
34 Queen of Waters Queen of Waters
72 EZ Caddis Olive EZ Caddis Olive
38 Renegade Renegade
42 Wickhams Fancy Wickhams Fancy
904 Comp Dun Baetis Comp Dun Baetis
910 House and Lot House and Lot
914 Goddard Sedge Amber Goddard Sedge Amber
10004 Bivisible Badger Bivisible Badger
919 Mayfly Green Mayfly Green
10008 Black Quill Black Quill
923 Midge Black Midge Black
14 Cahill Dark Cahill Dark
927 Midge Dun Midge Dun
18 Daddy Long Legs Daddy Long Legs
933 Mr Rapidan Mr Rapidan
22 Griffiths Gnat Griffiths Gnat
945 French Partridge French Partridge
27 Henryville Special Henryville Special
949 Yellow Drake Mayfly Yellow Drake Mayfly
31 Mosquito Mosquito
133 Sparkle Dun Baetis Olive Sparkle Dun Baetis Olive
35 Quill Gordon Quill Gordon
73 EZ Caddis Tan EZ Caddis Tan
39 Royal Coachman Royal Coachman
43 Yellow Sally Yellow Sally
905 Comp Dun PMD Comp Dun PMD
911 Ginger Quill Ginger Quill
10001 Adams Adams
915 Greenwells Glory Greenwells Glory
10005 Bivisible Black Bivisible Black
920 Mayfly Dun Mayfly Dun
10009 Blue Quill Blue Quill
924 Midge Brown Midge Brown
15 Cahill Light Cahill Light
928 Midge Olive Midge Olive
19 Drake Brown Drake Brown
934 Wulff Black/Yellow Wulff Black/Yellow
23 Grey Hackle Grey Hackle
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